Anita’s Inspiration Movement – AIM’s Fund

The idea for Anita’s Inspiration Movement was born out of pain.  It is the desire and need of our  CEO – Mrs. Danijela Balikic, who tragically lost her daughter Anita and with the help of her family decided it was time to help people the way that Anita wanted to help others and that is why the Fund is in Anita’s name.

Every customer will know that by buying our products, Orange & Green will  waive a percentage of profit  towards:

Anita’s Inspiration Movement (AIM’s Fund)


  •  Education available to all 

Scholars (young people in need of an education)  from Croatia can apply for a scholarship in further higher education (formal or non-formal). The scholarship will be transparent on our web, and people who buy our products will be able to check where and how the money is spent for the scholars.

What is important to emphasize is that the Scholar, once finished and employed will also take a small part in supporting other young scholars in need. The circle does not stop.

A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.


Later as we grow, we will add one more division of support:

  • Green city concept  

On a specific geo-location, in a city, we will organize planting a tree. By knowing the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of this particular location, our customers will know where “their”tree is planted.

Our plant a tree is based on the need to increase oxygen and to create a more pleasant environment.