Imunoalfa is produced in Croatia.


We needed 1369 experiments/days to create our first unique product: IMUNOALFA –  an international awarded gold medal for innovation of a high-quality nutrition supplement product with an innovative formula that contributes to your immune enhancement. It contains only natural ingredients for a strong immune system such as goat and mare milk and medicinal plants of the Mediterranean climate: coriander, betony, lemon balm leaf, mother of thyme, blue chicory.

Since goat and mare (horse) milk are not available for consumption at all times, we decided to create an innovative natural formula:

IMUNOALFA pills address these barriers in accordance with the pace of a modern healthy lifestyle.

Numerous and relevant studies unanimously confirm the benefits of goat and mare milk  –  that it reduces inflammation which is already in your body and much more:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Strengthens the bones and eliminates pain in  joints
  • Naturally lowers “bad” cholesterol and increases “good” cholesterol
  • Affects the quality of blood images and lower triglycerides
  • Improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism
  • Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that are crucial to a healthy digestive system
  • Improves skin, hair, and nails.
  • Prevent s neurodegenerative diseases
  • Improves heart performance                                                                                                                                       websiteimunoalfa

Due to the specific and complex composition and the high level of calcium, iron, minerals, potassium, selenium, phosphorus and magnesium for better bone building, IMUNOALFA is a desirable addition to the treatment of diseases such as allergies, bronchitis, atopic dermatitis, allergic asthma, rhinitis …

Goat and Mare milk are very close to a mother’s breast milk, making it very easy to be digested and assimilated in the human body.











About the herbs: 

CORIANDER – Cleans the toxin and heavy metals in the body, a natural remedy for anemia, reduces cholesterol and sugar levels, normalizes digestion.
BETONY – Cleans the liver and detoxifies the whole body. Cleanses irritability and restlessness and works against headaches.

LEMON BALM LEAF – Removes the fatigue of excess intellectual work, soothes, works against stress, migraines, and depression thus strengthens your memory.

MOTHER OF THYME- It has a beneficial effect on antiseptic bronchial asthma, it de-stimulates coughing, strengthens the nerves and eliminates insomnia.

BLUE CHICORY – Improves your mood, relieves depression, strengthens liver function, and helps with spleen disease and diabetes acting as a diuretic.


 For regular maintenance of the immune system, we recommend 6 tablets daily (3 x 2 or as desired), in all cases of the need for strong strengthening of immunity, post-operative conditions, chronic bronchitis, dermatitis, allergies, and other acute conditions.
This dosage refers to all age groups because smaller children need to accelerate immunity enhancement because they are the most vulnerable population. Immunoalfa is a classic-sized tablet, and if children or anyone cannot consume the pill, we recommend crumbling into food, milk, juice or water. This is easy to do because they are completely natural and technically softer. It is not necessary to make a pause in taking. Experience shows that users are more powerful and healthier when used regularly.

Do not forget the need for increased fluid absorption for the best effects. Know that you can not overdo with Imunoalfa. In the case of already a strengthened immunity, it is sufficient to take 3 to 4 tablets daily.
Of course, we do not recommend taking Imunoalfa to a user who is hypersensitive to one of its ingredients.

Immunoalfa contains 180 tablets.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry place at a temperature of 15 to 25C.

Testimonials about Imunoalfa 


FACT #001

Do you know that goat’s milk strongly strengthens the immune system?

FACT # 002

Do you know that the daily dose of Imunoalfa tablets, replaces a large glass of goat’s milk?

FACT # 003

Do you know that goat’s milk, which is much more maternal than cow’s milk, is one of the healthiest foods with many healing properties?

FACT # 004
Do you know that Cleopatra loved to bathe in goat milk, believing that it is the source of beauty, health, and attractiveness? Therefore, Imunoalfa has rich milk in its composition, with the same purpose.

FACT # 005
DO you know that high-fat goat milk, as an ingredient of Imunoalfa,  has a high percentage of unsaturated omega3 and omega6 fatty acids, which are the prevention of heart attack and blood clots?

FACT # 006
When people have colds and flu viruses, they take various medications, especially antibiotics, too often on their own hand. These infections can be naturally and easily prevented, taking regularly Imunoalfa, which naturally strengthens the immune system.

FACT # 007
Do you know that Imunoalfa is best to drink with a large glass of water 3 times a day. Most people do not have a quality intake of water and hydrate their body. By taking Imunoalfa, it will “make” your water intake much higher and your skin will thank you.

FACT # 008
Do you know that all the medicinal herbs used in Imunoalfa are exclusive of Croatian origin, picked on the shrubs of our mountains and pastures, then dried, grounded with specially designed machines and prepared only for you, in the most natural way.

FACT # 009
Do you know that the herb Betony naturally cleanses the liver and detoxes the whole body. In Imunoalfa there is its best part – a flower, grinded to powder.

FACT # 010
Walk in the fresh air as much as you can. Regular movement contributes to the preservation of your mobility, Imunoalfa keeps your immunity at the top.

FACT # 011
Do you know that Mother of thyme (an ingredient of Imunoalfa) prevents bronchial asthma. Protect yourself from allergy using Imunoalfa.

FACT # 012
Do you know that walking up/down the stairs is a great exercise for your joints, and the abundance of calcium from the Imunoalfa tablets will strengthen your bones and preserve your strength?

FACT # 013
It is known that goat’s milk has anti-cancer properties. Use its natural benefits through Imunoalfa.

FACT # 014
Do you know that laughter is a formula for a long and fulfilled life? Fight against stress, for more relaxation and laughs in your life, boost your immunity with  Imunoalfa tablets.

FACT # 015
Do you know that goat milk is a world-renowned auxiliary medicine for the treatment of respiratory diseases?  As a pill, you can only find it in Imunoalfa.

FACT # 016
Do you know that a healthy mind is the foundation of your immunity and mental health? Fill your health with Imunoalfa, which removes insomnia and guides you towards a good sleep.

FACT # 017
Do you know that coriander is a natural remedy for anemia? Coriander is the ingredient of Imunoalfa,  in the most natural form, just powdered, finely grinded, without further processing.

FACT # 018
Do you know that goat’s milk effectively suppresses various allergies and treats bronchitis? Protect your body by taking the Imunoalfa tablets/pills.

FACT # 019
Do you know that goat milk is known for its powerful anti-age properties? Naturally, rejuvenate and refresh your skin and your entire body. Treat yourself to Imunoalfa tablets, which goat milk is an essential ingredient.

FACT #020

Do you know that Lemon balm leaf list removes the overwhelming feeling of excessive intellectual work? Use its powerful properties by using Imunoalfa, which is an essential ingredient.

FACT #021

Do you know that Blue Chicory, as an ingredient of Imunoalfa, works for your good mood and helps focus your thoughts naturally by acting on increased concentration?