Testimonials using Imunoalfa

It is very inspiring when more than  60.300  users say they are happy and healthy after using our product, which they use frequently and regularly.

All of us together are part of a wonderful synergy, which we call together #Imunoalfa ❤️

Our wonderful family of lovely people using Imunoalfa come from around the word: Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar, Pula, Umag, Rovinj, Poreč, Pazin, Cres, Krk, Mali Lošinj, Opatija, Ičići, Crikvenica, Delnice, Karlobag, Novalja, Nin, Trogir, Šibenik, Knin, Primošten, Solin, Omiš, Hvar, Brač, Ston, Metković, Korčula, Dubrovnik,Virovitica, Slatina, Slavonski Brod, Županja, Požega, Pleternica, Đakovo, Našice, Vukovar, Ilok, Vinkovci, Varaždin, Čakovec, Koprivnica, Velika Gorica, Zaprešić, Kutina, Samobor, Glina, Sisak, Karlovac, Bjelovar, Daruvar, Zaprešić, Sesvete, Krapina, Maribor, Ljubljana, Koper, Ptuj, Dublin, Cork, Stockholm, Malmo, Kopenhagen, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Beč, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Podgorica, Skopje, Bitola, Prilep, Tetovo, Ohrid, Atena, Solun, Priština, Tirana, Sofija,  Beograd, Novi Sad, London, Birmingham, Brighton, Cambridge, Bristol, Liverpool, Norwich, Edinburgh, Budimpešta, Prag, Bratislava, Bukurešt, Varšava,  Berlin, Munchen, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Paris, Strasbourg, Zurich, Rim, Milan, Palermo, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisabon, Moskva, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Dubai, Doha, Seoul, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Lagos, Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, Toronto, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York…These are their reviews:

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I am writing to you from Vienna, first I want to thank you for  Imunoalfa that helped me so much, I had terrible allergies. I needed to use cortisone, antihistamines and nothing helped until I accidentally got this gold product in my hands, my allergies disappeared with a blow of a hand. I had trouble sleeping, now I sleep great and I feel great! I’ve been drinking regularly for about a year now. Thanks again and nice greetings from the Austrian capital. Ruža Ilić

You know what, because of this Corona I may not be able to hug you but I can say thank you! thank you! My family and I have strengthened our immunity and we do not use anything more than your supplement at all – only Imunoalfa! We will keep taking it Bravo! Marijana

You are a  very interesting found – first because you are a Croatian product. I was amazed that the pills are very unusual and with a nice smell! In my 42 years, I don’t think I’ve ever smelled a pill. You can see that it is really natural. It feels like cheese with herbs. Incredible!  I have to say I sleep a lot better. My nose cleared and then my hormones calmed down and I just felt better.

Also, my 11 years old son- has been suffering from allergies all his life. I have to admit, he didn’t like the taste at the beginning, but I put him in a smoothie a couple of times to get used to it, and so we continued. Interestingly, when he drinks your Imunoalfa, his allergy is insignificant! when he stops drinking he develops an allergy again. I decided to give it to him in a smoothie until further notice because ragweed will destroy us if we don’t protect ourselves with Imunoalfa. And he now sees that he is simply better. The child can breathe. Immediately the focus is better and now we are making a smoothie together with Imunoalfa. Thank you! Iva

My dears, I gave birth to our little girl Martina 4 months ago and she is making great progress. I breastfeed her regularly and have enough milk and I am healthy. I attribute all this to Imunoalfi, which I adore and drink since last year, since the beginning of my pregnancy. Your product helped me a lot during that difficult period and I remained healthy and strong for all that awaited me, despite the general situation with the Coronavirus. Thank you for this product. And I can’t wait for spring for my little one to pass 6 months so that I can start giving her Imunoalfa too, preventing the influence of allergens, for her to overcome them. Marija from Zadar

My mother has been drinking your goat’s milk pills for the last 6 months, and she is an oncology patient with cancer surgery. She feels great, better than before, much better. With more energy and more willpower than before. And she sleeps better. Ante

Hello, just needed to call and thank you again, because I know that Imunoalfa will help me again get through, like last season. I am allergic to pollen and flowering of all kinds and grasses. I can already feel the hazelnut starting so I am also starting with Imunoalfa I just bought 3 packs. Last year it helped me greatly and It saved me from feeling almost no allergy, and before that, I already had a fear of spring to early summer, and then late summer and early fall due to ragweed. Now, I know that I will function normally, and I have tried everything before and nothing has been as effective as Imunoalfa. Best regards Tihomir, Zagreb

I get the flu every year. Sometimes I think I have it all the time. First, the grandson in kindergarten gets it and then constantly. Autumn. Winter, until spring, and so on in a circle. But, last year in autumn 2019 – for the first time it didn’t catch me. That’s why I’m calling you. It will now be a year since I drink regularly. Great product and I warmly recommend it to everyone. We, especially older people because we are exposed to all possible diseases. “Year of production,” as my husband would say! haha. You know, he drinks Imunoalfa, too. It smelled a little stronger, to him in the beginning. I said to him: “It is natural!” There he is, your most loyal user. Not a day goes by without us taking our “Daily Dose of Immunity”. He tells everyone how we were healthy all winter and with the Korona virus. Thank you! Greetings from Stefica

This is a great product of yours! We all take it in the family. We stopped taking our other supplements. We are only faithful to Imunoalfa. We know exactly where it stands in the kitchen and you have simply become part of our family too. Thank you. We are the safest with Imunoalfa. Jasna D., Zagreb

We are having a hard time. In all this hustle and bustle around the Covid-19, I had to prepare for surgery.  Talking about stress before and after the operation and what will be the outcome. You can imagine what worries I had. Thank you for listening to me and giving me your support. The touching letter I received with my package of Imunoalfa gave me faith in myself, in your product, and in my Doctors, who told me, ” Yes, do take Imunoalfa,  you can’t find a more natural supplement on the market.” It’s been a month since the surgery and I’m getting stronger and better every day. I will not stop taking it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (literally)

Greetings from Frankfurt

My son has had asthma since he was 2 years old and he is now 12 years old. It started with shortness of breath. Nowhere without a pump. He has a strong reaction to pollen in the spring. Not to mention the ragweed in summer.  Always a dry cough and of course dermatitis rules for him. We drank everything on the market. EVERYTHING.  He has been taking it, since the spring of 2019 when our family Doctor recommended Imunoalfa. We have not stopped taking it.
As a mother, I want to thank you deeply for helping us so much. And my son’s dermatitis is gone and his asthma is now slight. Lovorka from Đakovo

If you only knew how much allergies bothered me !!! Ever since I know myself (now I’m 35). My eyes are were so red when spring came.  A real TORTURE for me! My eyes, breathing, then the skin. Horror. I have been drinking Imunoalfu since August 2018, I was a little late due to ragweed, but very quickly I learned to accept Imunoalfa and continued to take it. Regularly. Because of work and the way we live, I take all 6 pills in the morning right away. I’ve been putting it in a smoothie lately. Imunoalfa is so important to me that I always try to never be without it. I can say now, that I  rarely take Belodin, rarely. I am reborn! Thanks, Marijana

My family will remember this winter of 2020 for many things. Because of Corona, because of isolation. Most of all, it turned out that this was the first time that no one in my family even got a cold. My wife and I have been together for 35 years. We are a risk group, as the Doctors would say. There are 6 us in our home. The wife and I. Upstairs, my son and daughter-in-law and 2 school-age granddaughters. We all drank Imunoalfa. It is incredibly great! The younger granddaughter is also allergic since she was little, but nothing happened now. She barely sneezed. Her eyes were not red. The daughter-in-law gives the children Imunoalfa in a smoothie. We all kept taking it and we have no intention of not to.  It’s obvious how to we feel better. We will continue to drink and get stronger for the next autumn and the second wave. Ivica, Zagreb

I have had diabetes for 15 years. I  take my therapy regularly. I find it harder to watch the food and stuff. I do try my best. I have been taking your pills for 2 years now. At first, I only drank for 3 months. I felt better. I was more energetic, more energy, I slept better. And then I kind of stopped. I forget to take my Imunoalfa many times. And then the devil started to joke with me, because my sugar went up to over 14 again. And I said to myself –  I think I’m going again with those pills. I’m going more seriously. Now, I take Imunoalfa non-stop for a year and do so every morning and I feel great! Excellent. Autumn and Winter – without colds and flu. And that Corona? 0 points. My sugar is about 8! I drink Imunoalfa regularly. I regulated everything and did the diabetic profile. The Doctors had to reduce my therapy and that’s why I’m contacting you. Thank you. Thank you. I praise you all. Stay well, Regards from Zvonko from Rijeka

The best product …
We’ve been taking Imunoalfa for almost a year. No one in my household was sick. We will continue to take it, without interruption.

Our 6-year-old son feels so much better. He was really sick and his nose and cough were constantly with problems. We were constantly on various medications. We have been taking Imunoalfa now for 5 months, which was recommended to us by a family friend. We are very thankful to you and your team. All the best Family Weber, Frankfurt. 


Excellent natural supplement. My immunity is much stronger.  Thank you. Very satisfied and I am recommending you further on. Greetings from Munich


This summer when I was on vacation with my family I wanted to take something unique with me back home to Graz and we choose Imunoalfa because it is natural. We must tell you that we are very satisfied! It is now several months how we all take regular Imunoalfa. It is excellent! Peter

The best, highest quality and true helper in regaining your immunity and reducing your sugar levels! All praise and of course still only taking IMUNOALFA! Anita Zec

I recommend to anyone whose children have asthma, bronchitis, allergies, poorer immunity. Helps really just need to be taken regularly. Great for those who don’t like the smell of goat’s milk and can’t drink it, the pill Imunoalfa is easier to swallow. Maja

Die Arbeit mit Kindern ist eine große Freude, erfordert aber viel Energie, ständige Wachsamkeit und Engagement. Oft ist meine Immunität eingeschränkt und ich benötige eine zusätzliche Vitaminquelle. Mir wurde geraten, Immuno Alpha zu probieren, eine einzigartige Immunitätstablette, die aus natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen hergestellt wird. Obwohl ich skeptisch bin, habe ich zugestimmt, es zu versuchen. Ich kann sie heute nur wärmstens empfehlen! @imunoalfa ✅  Sonia Todorvoski 

Warm recommendation! For children and adults, Sofia Sazdovski 

Autumn and WInter is here and everyone should have Imunoalfa, Munevera

Imunoalfa gives me strength and it is great for my immune system.  Zdenka

Everyone needs Imunoalfa. Majda


My wife read an article about you in the magazine Gloria and somehow it touched us and we decided to try Imunoalfa. It’s been a while. Ma’am, thank you! You’re wonderful! I feel better! I sleep better! It’s like I have more energy. I know I still have a lot of pain to deal with but I am getting better and everything is positively different. All the best! Zdravko from Zagreb


We’re at the doctor a lot and my husband is already tired of everything. He has had enough with all the medicine and prescription drugs. The pharmacy has kindly recommended that your Imunoalfa will strengthen him. It’s true. He even sleeps better. Visnja from Rijeka

I had to undergo surgery and the Doctor recommended something to empower me both before and after the surgery. However, when you start looking in the market, you realize that there is no such thing as natural, safe and that you can drink for the long term. Every praise! The surgery went great. My blood analyzes never better! It’s been a few months since the surgery and I’m still drinking Imunoalfa.  My day can’t start without it and I drink all 6 pills in the morning in a smoothie. I’m used to it and very pleased. Gordana Osijek

What can I tell you ?! My child has so many problems. With breathing, with constant colds, with her immunity. Nothing helped her. In fact, everything is short-term. Our pediatrician recommended your Imunoalfa and my daughter is better. Not better but great!

You don’t even know how much you helped us! Feel free to quote me. Best regards Mirela from Zagreb

This summer, when I was on vacation with my family, I wanted to bring something unique and useful with me home to Graz and we chose Imunoalfa because it is natural. We have to tell you that we are very pleased! We have been taking Immunoalfa regularly for several months now. My wife didn’t feel autumn allergy at all! It’s great! Peter


Excellent! Enver Sarajevo


Imunoalfa gives me energy and is great for my immunity. Zdenka

Autumn and winter are coming, immune alpha everyone should have! Munevera

The product everyone needs! Majda

Here is my experience with IMUNOALFA. I have a son of 12 g who had frequent colds and had frequent sores on his head or back, which started to bleed slightly. We tried various creams, but it didn’t help. Ever since we heard about Imunoalfa, we immediately ordered it at Srebrenjak Children’s Hospital. In a little over a month, my son’s wounds literally receded or better yet they disappeared. Thank you IMUNOALFA ❤ Tanja Raich

I took Imunoalfa the last 2 years and I feel good I don’t have to take other supplements, as I did before, but I feel a difference in a positive sense and I highly recommend anyone who has not tried to try IMUNOALFA. Munevera Avdagic Begic

Everyone in my home uses Imunoalfa!  The best product we ever took.😘

I warmly recommend Imunoalfa to everyone. It helps a lot with my immunity, especially now that the colder weather is coming, it makes me instantly nervous and feels energized. It actually is the best! Bojana

The allergy season is here. There is not a product on the market that I did not try. Believe me, I know them all. Your Imunoalfa came highly recommended and I  decided to contact you through your Facebook page Imunoalfa  – your team – you are so very kind and helpful!  Thank you for sending it to me quickly, without any problems with the delivery.  Your product is working. I am so happy I can not explain. I can breathe, I can smell,  I can sit on the grass!  ❤️

I had terrible allergy problems for several years. The rash was mostly on my arms and neck. I don’ t know how, but everything is gone! I have been using Imunoalfa for the third month now and all I can say is THANK YOU from my heart! I will not stop using it!

Last month we saw your promotion at DM, which was very clear and understanding. We took the flyer and Googled the info and then we after a few days decided to buy it.  My father was raised on goat milk and he said not to think twice about its effects. It literally brought him back to life, when he was a child. Today, my  2 children without any hesitation are taking your pills. I do grind them into their fruit smoothies. Imunoalfa is amazing! No allergies this spring!  L. Zagreb

Wonderful product!  Greetings from Karlovac

I would like to thank you for your patience and help with providing my family Imunoalfa. It came highly recommended by our Doctor. Both my children 6 and 8 years old are allergic. Ahh, the trees!! Every year, my children suffer and I feel terrible that I can not help them enough. Thank you, thank you. so much for your Imunoalfa! My children for the first time are breathing normally.  M. Koprivnica

I have read in the news that you have received an international award for your innovation product. I decided to try it. I  thought: “I do not have anything to lose”.  My blood sugar was very high: 14.8, and blood pressure too. I always felt tired and sick. It’s been six months since I’m constantly taking Imunoalfa. I did my blood tests again and am happy to report that my sugar level is now 8.9 (does not exceed nine).  My Doctor reduced my medication and now I’m taking just one pill for my blood sugar.  My blood pressure is also much better and my doctor adjusted the medicine towards my current condition. I sleep much better and I feel great. Healthy and strengthened. I look great at the age of  63! Thank you.

The best we’ve ever had for our immune system! To all those who have an awful immune system,  those with asthma, bronchitis problems, and healthy ones, to remain so, I strongly recommend Imunoalfa! Gordana

Several months ago I needed to have surgery.  My Doctor recommended that I boost my immune system before and after the operation. Especially, find a way to soothe my allergies because when my immune is strengthened my allergies are barely noticeable.  He recommended your Imunoalfa. When I told my family about the surgery and about your pills my mother reminded me that when I was a small child she gave me goat milk to drink and later for years I was so very healthy. She told me that I better take the pills!  At that very moment, I decided to make a change and to start taking Imunoalfa. Months now have past. The surgery has passed. I am finally ok. No, not ok. I am excellent! Thank you so much!  You may use my recommendation.

I’ve been having allergies on and off for about 12 years now. I have tried various products. You try this, that. You hear about something and you get tired of all that starting from the beginning.  I waited a bit before I contacted you with my feedback. I am now on my third bottle of Imunoalfa and I can say with confidence and pride – Thank you for creating such a product!  You literally helped me breathe again.

I ❤️  Imunoalfa!

Our Family Doctor highly recommended that I try your natural product for the upcoming allergy season and she was right! I feel much better. I sleep better and I finally feel more energized! Thank you!  M.

I recommend Imunoalfa to everyone because of its exquisite ingredients. This winter has gone without colds and the flu. Even though Imunalfa cannot be found in Montenegro, I have managed to get it!  So, be persistent because with Imunoalfa you can only feel better. Dijana Krstovic, Podgorica Montenegro

My 10-year daughter has allergies.  Your natural Imunoalfa came highly recommended by our Pediatrician. It is an effective solution! Thank you! ❤️ Ana, Zagreb

For some time I had psoriasis.  I have to say I was a bit desperate to find a solution. I don’t like the creams that I get from the Doctors. I Googled and read everything about your product, your Founder…So inspiring! I decided to try and ordered from you 2 bottles, which arrived to me in London in a short time. I must say to you and to everyone who will read my review – People this works!  The itchy feeling and all …is gone. It is g o n e ! I feel great.  My legs are great and on my arms also. Thank you.

I am now on my 5th bottle. It is simply amazing!! Thank you. Amanda, London

This autumn and winter I had the flu 3 times! I was fed up with this. Missing work, not being able to be productive and enjoy my family. A friend of mine recommended Imunoalfa that she takes because she has not been sick for a year now.  So, I decided to try. My result is that – I have been taking Imunoalfa now for 2,5 months.  I feel wonderful. The allergy season is coming and I plan to stay faithful to you and continue to use Imunoalfa. Very satisfied!

When I think about the money I spent on “Cold medicine” or “Flu medication” – what a waste of time and money. I simply love this product of yours Imunoalfa! Bravo!!! I feel great! Energized and healthy! ❤️ V., Split

Your product is very interesting. I would even say unique. Complex but simple. Mohamed Al Nuaimi

The flu was “killing me”. WOW!  Imunoalfa really helped me. Thank you.  Barbara, Zagreb

My twelve-year-old grandson had bad allergies. So bad. We did not know what to do anymore. Your  Imunoalfa came highly recommend at the  Children’s Hospital Srebrnjak in Zagreb and we thought we do not have anything to lose.  After about a week, his skin allergies started slowly to disappear.  2 months have passed. My grandson feels great. Thank you so much!!!

I was surprised to find out about this product of yours. Thank you! I feel great! Carolyn NY

Keep up the great work! Karl from Vienna

It’s been a few months now how I have been using Imunoalfa. I’m very very satisfied!

A very interesting natural product you have produced. I am very satisfied. Jozef, Berlin

You people are great! I loved your presentation at the shopping mall DM.  Seeing all the ingredients…I didn’t need convincing.     I am a loyal customer. Tomislav, Zagreb

The simplicity and complexity of Imunoalfa are great!  Andreja, Varaždin

What a relief with your natural product! I applause to you! â˜º

I keep on telling people around me „use Imunoalfa!“ Look, I am not sick! Martina, Zagreb

This is my third-month using Imunoalfa! Bravo! It is wonderful! Mateja.

I feel more energized. I sleep better. The flu skipped me. Lana

I liked your presentation at DM drogerie markt and that you were so warm and hearty. You don’t get an opportunity every day to meet the owner of a manufacturer company of such innovation. I  really liked that you showed me all the 7 ingredients that go into Imunoalfa.  This is now the second month that I am using Imunoalfa and I just feel great knowing for sure that I am taking a natural product. I feel safe.  Katarina from Zagreb

My allergies were really making my life difficult. You literally saved me!  Vedran

I was able to avoid the flu. Great product! ❤ Sanja P.

Thank you for this miracle! 😍🙏 
It helped me so much with my skin problems. I have never had more glowing skin! I am in love with this tiny, powerful, and natural pills IMUNOALFA. I kindly recommend to everyone – blackpearl by Sara Lončarić 

I started using Imunoalfa in November 2017 and I have not stopped since (11 months now).  In the beginning, I have to say I was not disciplined. I forgot most of the time and then some days I took Imunoalfa, then jumped a few days. I also forgot to increase my intake of water. What I know for a fact is that you need to learn and be disciplined and create constancy in taking these remarkable goat and horse pills. For months now, I take regularly Imunoalfa 2 x a day. In the morning and the evening.  If I need a boost through the day or someone around me is sick, I prevent it and take a few more of Imunoalfa. I do not take anything else and I save money.

This works for me.  I created my system.  I have boosted my immune system and created a shield to protect myself from allergies and sickness with Imunoalfa.  I am so happy and content. I am long-term healthy.  K.

Great product! I recommend it highly! Adam, Copenhagen

If you are looking for a quick and chemical solution to your problem – then this Imunoalfa is not for you. When you take natural products like yours, the body needs more time to adjust and to adapt to the natural way of living. Once you adapt, you start feeling much better and that feeling that Imunoalfa creates gives you the „aha“ effect. Excellent!  Damir

Throughout the year I am usually sick with a virus or cold 5-6 times. Not such a good thing for me going on sick leave, because I am a single parent.  So, I have been taking Imunoalfa for the last 10 months. All I can say is WOW! My colds and allergies have doubled down. This autumn 2018, there is a heavy virus that was going on. My nose was just a bit running and the flu was very light.  I know that your pills Imunoalfa are not a miracle medicine. But the fact is that it helps me! Thank you!

Imunoalfa is always in my bag! Ivona

I feel more productive. Lara, Rijeka

IMUNOALFA is the solution to my problem.

My son Filip (5 years old) had bronchial asthma, combined with dermatitis all his little life. As a mother, all I wanted to do was help him. Your Imunoalfa came highly recommended. I googled you. Thank you so much for your kindness, help, and information! I want to inform you that Filip is doing great!! ❤ I created for him a “special secret power game”. He chews 1 pill of Imunoalfa 6 times a day. Imunoalfa gives him his superpower. He is soo important about this obligation and schedule. He sees for himself that he is feeling and doing great and it makes him even more important.  Filip is already on his 3rd bottle. We will not stop. Thank you!

My daughter just started school. I don’t remember this being so stressful. I was so tired and without energy. Imunoalfa was highly recommended to me as a solution to boost my immune system.  Thank you so much! I feel just great! Kristina, Dubrovnik

Bravooooo Imunoalfa! ❤ Iva from Split

There is an old saying: “A sick person has only one wish! A healthy person has a dozen wishes.” It is true.

I was totally overwhelmed with my allergies for over 10 years. When they start you can not control them.  You take a handful of pills. You go into meetings sneezing, your eyes are red, swollen. You have a lack of concentration. A friend of my recommend your natural pills – Imunoalfa, which I bought in the DM drogeriemarkt store – pharmacy department in Zagreb.  All, I can say is THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I now have a dozen wishes! I feel so much better. My nose does run a bit, but that is nothing compared to previous years.  My eyes are not red, NOT swollen! I can function. Doris, Zagreb

You are a success! Christine, Vienna


Excellent product – Imunoalfa! M.S. Boston

I think this is the worst season of ambrosia. This time it really bothered me. I sneeze very rarely now. Thank you for Imunoalfa! It helped me so much. I feel better. I can finally breathe.  I highly recommend you and will continue taking it. M.

I read about Imunoalfa on Facebook. My baby boy at the time was 6 months old.  On his little body, there were allergy red stains. The creams I used were not working. You were so kind to help me out. Waiting for me at the station, when I arrived with my baby. Thank you, thank you so much! I  crushed the pills and mixed them with a banana as you suggested. My baby is now feeling good. No more red stains! Maja, Karlovac

I had a bad skin allergy. Stains everywhere, especially on my hands. After a couple of weeks taking Imunoalfa. It is all gone! Unbelievable! I am very happy. I will continue to take them even though my allergy has passed. I’m an elder person and I need to preserve my immune system.  Marica, Zagreb

I have to say that I never, ever bother to comment on any product. But, Imunoalfa comes from the Croatian plants and animals. This product deserves to be quickly in the hands of people that need help for ALLERGIES. Especially skin allergies.  A close family member of mine has been struggling for more than 10 years with severe skin allergy. 10 years using various creams and dietary supplements all unsuccessful. When using Imunoalfa, within a week, almost 100% repair towards the skin allergy. BRAVO.BRAVO.BRAVO. M., Zagreb

I am so happy and healthy now!!! Thank you for your goat pills Imunoalfa. Meri, Zadar

I’m a guy. You know, a sports guy. I was never into pills. My wife gave me your product because now I am fighting summer allergies. She convinced me since it is all natural. Excellent Croatia! Excellent product! Marcus from Vienna

Very, very helpful! I feel relieved with Imunoalfa. Thank you. Josipa, Zagreb

Imunoalfa is great! N.S, Pula

No wonder you got a gold medal for #Imunoalfa. Stephen

This #Imunoalfa of yours is unbelievable! Bravo! Thanks. Anton, Prague.

A friend of mine sent me a bottle of Imunoalfa and she said you just have to try this great natural product. All my friends know how I struggle with my allergies and my immune system. Always a problem. I must say I feel great now! Healthy! Thank you for your quick delivery. I highly recommend Imunoalfa ❤  L.B. Stockholm

It’s great! Try Imunoalfa.  Darko from  Rijeka

Excellent natural product. Tomasz

I really like to be IN and to find the “right” product for me and my family. A  few months when I googled and found you – I thought, yes, this is logical and possible I need to contact them and to see if you can send me a bottle for me to try.  Some time now has past and I can only praise you. I feel excellent. Full of energy and avoided the flu at work. So, I am grateful for your goat milk natural product. Thank you. M.S. Amsterdam

Nowhere without Imunoalfa!  Silvija Peros

As a guy, I never felt ok when spring comes and my allergy condition is just out in the open. It is very difficult to go to work and I am red in the face and tears. I don’t think it is good for anyone. I never really liked taking any kind of pills. But you came very well recommended and I thought I don’t have anything to lose. What I relief with your goat tablets!  B.I. Ljubljana, Slovenia

My nose is not running anymore.  Semira

Spring is not my time. Every year my allergy comes back, again. Tears in my eyes. I was really fed up with everything. The medications do not work anymore. I tried everything. My wife found your product. I must say, I was somewhat suspicious. But, I started to drink it immediately and in the morning of I took all 6 pills -the daily dose. I do not know how other people reacted, but I felt the improvement after a few days. First, my eyes stopped tearing and then day after day everything else. Of course,  my wife said, “I told you”. But you know what?  I feel great so my wife’s “told you so” is ok. You know what I mean. R. D.

You made my life easier. Paula from Vienna

For a long time, my body shouted “help” and then I heard about Imunoalfa. It is a remarkable product. I really feel better. Somehow stronger. I sleep better. It is obvious, I have energy. I highly recommend it to everyone!  I know I’ve found my elixir of health! Thanks, Imunoalfa. Marina

I am a 55-year-old man. I’ve never been allergic, to anything. For the first time in my life, I was now allergic to the maple tree in my yard! (would you believe it? it’s been there for 20 years! I thought I was going to have to cut it down).  I could not believe how bad I felt. A very bad feeling is to be allergic. I had always tears in my eyes and my nose was running. Terrible! First, I thought it was a cold but then my Doctor told me it was allergies. From multiple sources, people recommend me your Imunoalfa. On my own hand (because I was as desperate as my sneezing irritated me) I took 10 pills right in the morning and then I took 10 in the evening and again at 10 pills in the morning the next day. What a relief! I’m now at your recommended 6 pills a day dose. I have no intention to stop. Imunoalfa has revived me! I will recommend you to everyone and you may use me for review. You have created a great product! Thank you. B.A. Zagreb

Huge Happiness!!! In this time of the year, I usually have red and teary eyes, severe breathing, nose bleeding, sneezing, numbness, dermatitis, nervousness and I have to stay at home when the rest of my family goes out. Usually, I am advised to start “on time” as they say, you should start 3 months before the season. But, this time I did not start “on time” I started 2 weeks ago and I already feel all the benefits of Imunoalfa. It is not a burden, it is easier to take because it is always with me. Goat and mare milk tablets with 5 healing Mediterranean herbs. Really helps me!  Thanks, #Imunoalfa ❤  Sanja Dajak Matanovic

My teenage son has been allergic all is life. There is not a product on the market that we have not tried. He is allergic to grass, dust, nuts, pollen, cats, and dogs. He could never have a pet. He is on his fifth bottle of Imunoalfa now.  You know, as a mother, I literally cry happy tears. My son now takes only Imunoalfa and nothing else. It has strong, pure and natural ingredients. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! K.R.

My name is Mrs. Rose and I am an old lady from Zagreb, Croatia.  Allow me to tell you a story. When I was a young girl one of the most difficult products to find after the WWII was milk. Especially goat milk. It was considered „gold“. I was one of the lucky ones and my family was able to get a hold of goat milk.  I must say that it brought us alive at that time and we were able to stay healthy. As I grew older and had my own children and now grandchildren. I have always tried to influence them to drink goat milk. One of my five granddaughters said to me: Grandma, you don’t understand, where and how am I supposed to drink goat milk, carry it around with me and stay healthy“. Well, young Rose ( yes, she got her name after me) I found you a solution! Goat and horse milk in a pill!!! Can you believe the world we live in now!? So, now there are a few of us in my family using Imunoalfa! The others will start copying us because they see we are continuously healthy. Prevention my dear! You are correct. J  I found you/Imunoalfa by coincidence and I was without breath at the idea – who invented such a product?? A woman, of course! What I have learned in my old years that we should stick to natural proven products like yours. No wonder you received a gold medal for your innovation! In my lifetime I have taken various products to keep my immune system healthy and your Imunoalfa is an absolute excellent solution! I have been drinking Imunoalfa for 4 months now without a break as you suggested, with a lot of water. First of all, my skin looks better. It cleaned up. I sleep much better. I look forward to Spring without allergies and without my asthma problems. All in all my health is much better! Ah, where were you before… I can go on….No one can return my youth…but that is another story… My dear Mrs. Balikic I am proud that a woman has created such an innovation and I will continue to use Imunoalfa. Thank you for your patience. Stay well and with greetings, Mrs. Rose.

In this present time where a lack of nutrition and unhealthy living conditions create sickness, Imunoalfa is the top product. If you want to protect and strengthen your body – Imunoalfa is your answer.  Jasmina Puskar Kutlesa

I am on my third bottle of Imunoalfa. I can not explain how happy I am. I feel so energetic and healthy. The season of allergies will start very soon and after 13 years of sickness I am not afraid of it no more. I am healthy! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU !  You are great with your kind communication and  delivery.  No problems what so ever. I  remain your loyal customer. Sincerely Anna M.


I am absolutely delighted with Imunoalfa! I feel fresh and energetic. More importantly I avoided this year all the sickness around me here in Vienna, Austria. Thank you,  Katrin

Enough time has past since I started using Imunoalfe and I would like to share with you my specific impressions. Immediately to tell you that I like the fact that the product is produced in Croatia with natural ingredients.  Known to everyone, since I think it is best for us what we know and what is in our midst. I started using Imunoalfa because of the interesting combined natural composition. I’m usually very sensitive to colds and viruses, but while using Imunoalfe I have been revived, there is so much feel of exhaustion after a virus. Now, with Imunoalfa I feel stronger, as if I have more energy. Thank you for a great product and a lot of success in your  further work, Nevenka from Pula.

With Imunoalfa, I was not sick this autumn and winter! I really like the smell, the taste and the fact that it requires me to drink more water. I’m very impressed and satisfied. Ljubica

Immunoalfa is a great product that exceeds my expectations! It helps me give my body  all the ingredients that are needed for the quality in my life! Fanita Bacich

My mother  has a weak immunity. She constantly catches every cold . She is 46 years old but she looks like 80. She tried beta glucan, even tried drinking  goat milk. She tried all sorts of home remedies and that was all okay at that moment, but quickly lost its effect. After all that, we thought we don’t have nothing to lose and lets try Imunoalfa. Unlike our predecessor, these tablets really helped her! She feels better, she has more energy and this season she was without the flu! I like it because it is literally for everyone. Both for a child,  a pregnant woman, for all. Thank you! Ana Bachani

I’ve been using Imunoalfa since my trip to Croatia last summer. I did not get sick since. Totally natural ingredients. Thank you for such high quality product . Anthony Spanovic USA

For a while I have been looking for a product to boost my immunity, which contains  natural and high quality ingredients. Imunoalfa is a unique product on the market and I’m sure it will attract anyone who takes care of their health and want to strengthen their immunity. A.D. from Zagreb

Thanks for the speedy service and delivery. I am very satisfied. Dragica, Slavonski Brod


I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. But the fact is that I feel better and I’ve never been sick this fall and winter. If you need a satisfied customer, please feel free to use my review. Ante from Osijek

When your child is ill, sometimes you do not know how to handle it and what to do. Especially, when you tried everything else. Thank you for your concern! I feel you understand how difficult it is to me. We could not get goat’s milk, and then we read about Imunoalfa. Our daughter Dunja  finally enjoyed Christmas as a  happy child! Thank you!  Jasmina, Velika Gorica

I had terrible allergies: Ambrose, various grasses, dust, everything. I’m a true fan of Imunoalfa! For the first time this year I did not react to Ambrose. Incredible! I am very happy and will continue to feel good  with Imunoalfa! Sincerely Marija Hrgovic


Good afternoon, I started taking Imunoalfa just because I love goat’s milk and I know how healthy it is and I’ve drank it as a child. Lp, Stipe Matulja

I am on my second month of using regularly Imunalfa and I must say that I feel stronger and my immune system is so much better. My colleagues from the office were now all too  sick except me, so I’ll continue to use your tablets. I also recommended to my parents. They are older and more sensitive. Your pills come in a bottle of 180 pieces and are really not expensive compared to others yet So I’m happy and my health is so the most important for me. Ivana Cevrak


Good evening, I would like to thank you in the name of my grandma for helping and delivering Imunoalfa to her. When she brought the info flyer to me, I did not know what these tablets were, so we googled, found and called you. My Grandma has been taking them for the last 3 weeks, 4 pills 2 x a day. In the morning and in the evening and for now she feels great and  tolerates them well.  The pills are not big. She has a problem taking down pills, but this is ok for her and can nicely swallow normally. Thank you for your concern! Martina Biderman