The company

Coming to you from the heart of Europe, Croatia – our Innovation Company Orange & Green is focused on our natural/organic products that can help people stay healthy and active for a longer time. Instead of dealing with the consequences, it is more reasonable to prevent various diseases and to ensure that the immune system is strong enough and that there is a healthy mind in a healthy body striving towards a healthy lifestyle.

Preventive health care is gaining in importance. The reconciliation of standard and traditional European/ Mediterranean medicine practices is becoming more solid than ever. Health systems are embracing the concept of complementary and integrative medicine to provide consumers and patients with the best of two worlds in matters of treatment and prevention. These models will grow in the future and as a consumer, it is your right to take more ownership of your health. You need to expand your knowledge about ingredients that are organic, sustainable-sourced and of known provenances.

Our philosophy and vision have the fundamental determination of our constant desire to do good. In time, this desire has grown into a need, and therefore we strive every day, steadily and directly, wanting to do good for others.  Our products are the expression of this desire and effort. The frame of our desire has been shaped in the concept of our Orange & Green Lifestyle, which uniquely combines all the positive concepts we believe in, such as health, beauty, happiness, positive vibrations, and good habits. We believe that doing good is never too late, that is, it is never early enough to start making changes for the better. That is why every day is precious and convenient. This reflection on the timeline we expressed with our slogan Today is a good day and through the need for establishing Anita’s Inspiration Movement (AIM’s Fund).  

Do you know that the average life expectancy is at the threshold of about 85 years?! Therefore, there is no excuse that we must stop imagining, creating and developing. So, get to know the Innovation Company that wants to make you live happier and healthier.