TV Interviews

Croatian National TV  HRT–  Broadcast “Global Croatia” Danijela Balikic came as a returnee to Croatia, sharing a little bit of wisdom that came after living in several countries, Her business success came after major life tragedies. ”


Croatian National TV  HRT,  The popular TV Broadcast  Healthy life/ Zdrav Život

Strong immunity is the difference between health and illness.

TV National Network aired the program ONE NASTUPAJU/IT’S THEIR TIME

and THEY are Danijela Balikic, entrepreneur and innovator of Imunoalfa, Natasa Bozic Saric, editor and presenter on N1 TV and Bernardica Juretic Rozman, founder of Community for the Treatment of Addicts. On a very topical topic #STRES,  the host Mladenka Saric received answers from her guests on how to fight stress at this crazy pace of our lives.

National TV Story
An exclusive TV talk by Ana Brbore Hum in the production of TV Network – about the life path of Danijela Balikic (innovator and entrepreneur), about the formula of success, about Imunoalfa,  the International award-winning product, about plans and motivation …

The  National  TV Promotion in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with our representative Gabbiano Company for

National level TV talk show  “One nastupaju” / “It’s their time”. Women around the age of 40, 50 and + are hearing too many times that they are “too old”. But, the fact is as we live longer, women over 50 will have more power than ever before. We are out there, with new ideas! Sometimes, you need just to hear about other people’s stories to inspire you to do something. Today is a good day, to start.

National TV HRT, the live Friday night talk show: Hrvatska za 5/Croatia for 5 (meaning: Croatians that have the best score) hosted by the great journalist Mr. Branimir Bilic, was something that challenges the reality we live in! Change is around the corner.